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IDEATION CONSULTING partners with our clients to implement customized business performance solutions that proactively drive business results. We know that we can best serve our clients by establishing long-range strategic partnerships. We have a legacy of taking extreme pride in the improved success of each client and its individual employees.


Organizational Development Solutions

​​Talent Development Solutions

​Customized Training

​Human Resource Solutions

Human Resources and Organizational Development Consulting


Our Philosophy

Our Approach

Because every organization is unique, we take the time to fully understand each client's needs, and challenges, in order to provide truly customized services that will directly improve your business results.

We are passionate about developing strategic relationships with our clients and we are energized by watching them realize the results of engaging their employees. 

Decades of empirical research have proven that engaged employees achieve higher levels of success than their disengaged peers. 

We believe that individuals will put forth their best efforts when they work in an environment that fosters feelings of security, acceptance, and accomplishment.

Critical Leadershift

Critical Leadershift

Ideation Consulting proudly presents Critical Leadershift : Why traditional management techniques are counter-productive in the modern workplace.


Written by Sara Christiansen VP of Client Services. 

Our Promise

Working within your organization's budget, our experienced consultants will creatively utilize proven techniques to help you assess, achieve, and quantify dramatic improvements to the return on your human capital investments. 

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