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CRITICAL LEADERSHIFT: why traditional management techniques are counter-productive in the modern workplace


Often highly-capable leaders find themselves second

guessing their decision to become a manager.  Although

they are intelligent, dedicated, and revered professionals,

one day they show up to work and appear to be “broken”.  Their hair is prematurely grey, their shoulders sag, their face is scrunched up in agony, and they consider asking for a demotion.  These managers have mastered the technical and mechanical components of their work, but managing employees is an entirely different monster.


Why is it so hard to manage employees?  Because they are not robots.


We can program robots to behave as we desire.  They arrive with an instruction manual that explains how they work.  We are trained how to fix them when they break.  And, each one is similar- if not exactly the same- as the next.  None of this is true of humans.  So how can you become a great leader?



“I just finished reading the new book by Sara Christiansen.  I highly  recommend it to anyone who is a business leader or wants to become one.”


                                 Jon Alexander, CEO

                                              Kaposia, Inc

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