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Critical Leadershift: why traditional management techniques are counter-productive in the modern workplace


Pre-approved for 4 or 7 Specified Business Management and Strategy Credits


This program is based on the progressive human capital strategies outlined in

 the new book authored by Sara ChristiansenA book signing  can be arranged with this session.  


Our traditional ideas about leadership and talent management are becoming less and less effective at driving success in the modern workplace. Our organizations are changing at an incredibly rapid pace and in order to lead change we must change how we lead.


If HR hopes to be embraced as strategic business partner, we must step forward and start leading the leaders in our organizations.


This program will present progressive methods in which you can assist your management team to become true coaches. We will discuss innovative techniques to drive high levels of engagement and accountability in your organization. All of which will lend to an improved work culture and increased business results.         

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