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Pre-approved for 4 or 7 Specified- Business Management and Strategy Credits


For decades countless Human Resource Professionals have been coveting a seat at the Strategic Table within their organizations. With the economic downturn of 2008 business leaders found themselves in a fiscal crisis beyond their foresight. Many HR practitioners were finally called upon to take their seat at the table and implement complex reduction in workforce initiatives. With the current fears of a "double dip" recession, many businesses are again looking to their HR departments to guide them through these uncertain times. However, most of us are already operating on a "bare bones" talent roster and cannot justify deeper staffing cuts.


It is critical at this time for HR to step back and develop a strategy that validates our seat at the table. We must speak the language of the business leaders who are depending on us. We must quantify our efforts. And, we must evolve beyond our identity as "a cost center".

Performing due diligence and developing a ROI is long-standing business best practice, however, rarely considered as a function of HR. However, if you review most organizational budgets, labor (human capital assets) is usually one of the largest line items. If we can develop/utilize HR metrics that are aligned with and actually drive the business objectives, we will elevate our role as a strategic business partner.


This workshop will provide you with the recipe to better quantify your organization's human capital assets and explore methodologies in


HR-ROI: a new approach for the new economy

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